Use Return-to-Work Programs to Save on Workers’ Comp Insurance in New London, CT!

Use Return-to-Work Programs to Save on Workers’ Comp Insurance in New London, CT!

You could save on your workers’ compensation insurance in New London, CT!

The implementation of a return-to-work program is on everyone’s list of workers’ compensation best practices for employers. While you may wonder how paying someone their regular wage to get one-quarter of their normal productivity will reduce costs, a return-to-work program can be beneficial to the company and its cost of insurance in New London, CT.

The program should be undertaken with the understanding that it may not be effective in every circumstance, but that, overall, it should pay dividends. For a return-to-work program to be successful, it should be a part of a coordinated loss management program. The major components of a loss management program are:

  1. Immediate reporting and investigation of accidents
    2. Primary medical care arrangements
    3. Return-to-work program
    4. Regular communication with injured employees

This program can generate savings, but all aspects of this plan need to be organized and fulfilled. Employers should also establish relationships with medical providers who will take the time to understand their business and will work with the employer to facilitate a medically appropriate return to work.

Medical providers will often tour the employer’s operation to evaluate risks and the jobs in action. The odds of achieving an early and cost-effective return to work increase dramatically when there is a primary medical care arrangement in place to go along with the return-to-work program.

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